Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Make money easily.

Dear friends,
There are many ways to get extra money through online.But we are be careful in selecting websites through get money.Because most of the websites in the internet are fake,they did not give any money.So i analysed many websites in the internet like survey sites,data entry sites,paid emails etc for 5 months.Thenonly i started this blog,so definitely this blog will help you to get extra income.This online job is especially for

This site is maily for students one who wants more knowledge with some extra money.In this site, we can make money in several ways.
In association with google ,indiastudychannel introduced adsense revenue sharing program,that allows you to earn money for the content you contribute in this site.

Indiastudychannel provides money just for refer a friend to this site.This site pays you some referral money when you invite friends and they join in this site using your referral link.
Here is the payment details:
Rs.1 when the referred member completes his registration.
Rs.10 when the referred member reach silver level.
Rs.100 when the referred member reach gold level.
Rs.250 when the referred member reach diamond level.
Rs.500 when the referred member reach platinum level.

Indiastudychannel provides money just for asking questions.But the questions should be valuable,they would not give money for chilly questions.

This site gives money upto Rs.50 ,if you give correct answers in that site.but if the same answer is repeated by more members they wont give money.

You can make money by viewing some ads per day.Adclickdaily gives money for just watching some ads per day.


  1. ya a quite interesting blog it is..
    I was thinking about earning money as I study.
    I come to know many about on line jobs...
    thanks for letting me know.

  2. i am a student..
    this blog is very informative as it helps to earn money..
    it gives a lot of ideas...

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    All the best.


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